Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Michael Chabon, how I love you! Why did it take me so long to read Michael Chabon? I have like three of his novels on my TBR pile and it took his new essay collection released last year to get me to FINALLY read him! So, now, I really must read his novels. I am on his second essay collection, which is actually his first, and then that's it for non-fiction. I am both excited and nervous to attempt his fiction. Just because I love his non-fiction does not mean I will love his fiction... Look at Nick Hornby. I love his non-fiction, but all of his fiction I have tried I have not finished. I started this second collection of essays to catch-up because I am going to be buddy reviewing it, but it has ended up being my go-to book. This is bad because I am supposed to be reading like 5 other books at the moment... It's still going slowly, but my reading mojo is coming back. I can feel it! Reading FABLES helped...

Speaking of Fables... I really really wish they would hurry up and release books! It seems it is November before there is another Fables, but you can't pre-order it yet. There is one out next year, though, and you can pre-order it... Not sure what that is all about! The only thing out soon is a new Jack of Fables and that is still like June. Then, there is a spin-off with Cinderella out in August. But, still, so much waiting! I liked it better when I was behind in the series, but I bought the last two Jack of Fables with my Christmas gift cards and then had pre-ordered the new Fables, so I have them all read now... It's sad because the people that got me reading the series in the first place are behind me now in a lot of cases! I read too much last year... And spent too much money if you are sitting there doing the math... Believe me, I did the math. I just hope that other people around me have not done the math because when I tell someone that he spends too much money on tools he will point out that I spend too much money on books.

Also, I bought books today...

Okay, I have 20 mins to read more Chabon before I have to cook supper. The very glamorous chicken burgers! I can't be a gourmet chef all the time! (Who am I kidding? I am NEVER a gourmet chef! ha ha!)


  1. It really is good, isn't it? I haven't read any of Chabon's fiction yet, either.

    And I love the fiction of Hornby's I've read just as much as his non-fiction. Which ones have you tried?

  2. Oh Michael Chabon indeed! Seriously, why don't I own Manhood for Amateurs? I loved Maps & Legends so much. And I loved Kavalier & Clay and Summerland too, the only two of his novels I've read to date. I understand why you're nervous to try his fiction, but I think you'll like it.