Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Honestly! I really wonder if people can drive... I got stuck behind a truck going WAY below the speed limit, so a passing lane comes and he speeds up! I was in the process of passing him, though, so I carried on. Two seconds later he passed me back! So, he is now going really really fast, right? It didn't last! I get stuck behind him again! Why do people do that? That is why there are accidents! I have no patience for people going way below the speed limit on a perfectly clear drive, but it is even worse when you deal with these people for a long time and they keep speeding up at the passing lanes so you can't get away from them... They have to know they are being a lot of swear words that I try to not say on my blog, right?

That being said, I did have a good day. :)

I went to visit my friend that is expecting her second child. We wandered around the stores. She bought books. I was good and didn't buy any. We drove to the other side of town so she could buy ice cream... In rush hour traffic... That was an adventure! And, seriously, why you would want ice cream at this time of the year has to be a pregnancy thing because it is minus 19 outside right now. It was actually colder than that earlier today. It warmed up and then went back down again...

Her first child is pretty cute. I confess to not being the best with children... I am a bit sad that as she is getting older she is becoming less and less a fan of me, but that happens. Last time I saw her she cried because I wouldn't pick her up. This visit I was lucky to get a hi and bye... It's partly my fault because I don't visit regularly, but still, makes me sad. The baby shower for the second baby is on Sunday. My mother made her a blanket. I bought the yarn, but I can't knit and long ago gave up trying! I have given every person I know who has had a child one of my mothers' blankets, though. I need to figure out how to make them... (hahaha, yeah, right!)

My other happy news for the day makes me look like a vindictive bitch because I entirely got happy by profiting off other people's misfortune. Since that sort of defeats the purpose of a happy things blog, I believe I will just not elaborate and let you think I am a nice person (ha!).

That brings me to something else I have been thinking about. I know that several book bloggers have met each other, but I have not met anyone. I often wonder if people will be surprised by how I really am compared to how I am as a blogger... Do you ever wonder about that? About whether who you are on the screen is how you are in person? People might think I am this sweet, small town girl... The sad thing is, in many ways, I probably am that! I know that I have impressions of all the blogs that I read on a regular basis, so I wonder about what people are like in person compared to their blogs all the time... Then, you know, I wonder if the people you know in person really know the real you...


  1. Maybe others would disagree, but I think that the way I am on my blog (and in emails, on facebook, on twitter, etc) is exactly how I am in real life. I don't know how to put on a face or a mask of any sort.

    Also, I don't think of you as this happy small town girl. Maybe it's just because we've talked in emails and such, but I have a very different idea of you as a cynical blunt person. I hope that doesn't sound mean because I don't mean it to - I love when people are cynical and blunt!

  2. I have HORRIBLE road rage...I can totally relate to idiot drivers getting on your nerves :p

    I have a picture of you in my head and I totally think you'd be just how I imagine you :p I've met Debi and Rich and Amanda and Jason and I've talked to Pat on the phone and they're all just how I imagined they would be. Like EXACTLY how I imagined they would be! I think we all read each other pretty well! I write on my blog pretty much exactly how I am and I write like I talk, so you'd have no surprises with me :p

  3. no surprises here either.. I really am OLD! lots of wrinkles and grey hair..
    Should you meet any fellow bloggers you probably would be just fine as you already have plenty to talk about and have in common with all your books! I found that out when I went to trek wind up enjoying just about everyone because you all have this same feeling about something.. I hope you get to meet some computer friends one day!

  4. Oooh, drivers like that drive me absolutely batty!!

    I don't know if I'm how I portray myself to be on my blog and twitter and stuff in real life. Hmm. That's an interesting thought. Probably not, because online either consciously or unconsciously all seem to filter ourselves to show only what we want to show - it's not as easy to do that IRL. Hmm.

  5. Well, I've met a couple of writer friends in real life and I felt like I was a disappointment to 2 out of 3. My online persona is a lot perkier and more outgoing than my "just meeting a new person" reality (although I tend to get really yappy, once you get to know me). It can be a little weird. Maybe it helps to talk to people by phone like Chris does, first. I didn't talk to one of those people by phone until I was in town and I just emailed the other to arrange a time and place to meet.

    The one person I spoke to before I met him was Simon Van Booy and he's just got such an incredibly huge personality that it's fine to be a quiet, shy person around him. He draws you out. So, I guess it depends a little on both people? I'll betcha Chris is like that -- so much fun that it doesn't matter if you have the personality of a rock. I don't regret meeting any of those people, even if one made me feel like a toad. It's better to meet people than to let the opportunity pass by.

  6. Kelly, this was such a fun, rambly post! :D

    Chris was just exactly like he is on-line. No, I take that back...he's even more wonderful in person, though that seems impossible to believe, because he's so perfectly wonderful on-line! I'm afraid in person, to most people, I'd seem different. Because I'm just get so tongue-tied and am so socially inept. I think I just find it so much easier to "talk" on-line than I do face-to-face.

    This is how I picture you: sweet, with the perfect touch of bite...intelligent...sometimes laid-back, sometimes restless, sometimes outgoing, sometimes happier to be left alone...loves reading (duh!) and learning and animals and her friends...
    So, how am I doing? Anywhere close to the real Kelly?

  7. Hmm, I don't know how I am in person compared to on my blog. I think I write emails the same way that I chat, so you'd probably get to know me better via email than blog. I guess my blog is just so book-centric that other aspects of my personality don't come out as much. But it's still such an important part of me that I think it would be a good starting point.

    I'd love to meet you :-)

  8. Please, don't listen to Debi...Debi is just as perfectly sweet and huggable and smile inducing as she is online, but multiply it times 50!!! Seriously, she mad me feel so comfortable INSTANTLY!!!

  9. hm, yeah, I think you have me pegged really well. lol I guess I come across well!