Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010 - Take 2

Since the day wasn't over yet I decided to do a second post before I go to bed to read.

Happy Item Number 1: Coffee! After I wrote my first post I went to make my scrambled eggs, so I decided to have coffee at the same time. We get Fair Trade coffee and it is the best thing! It has made other coffee taste bad...

Happy Item Number 2: My library is having this thing where they will take food for the food bank in exchange for late fees. One food item covers up to three dollars of them. That's so cool! I had crazy late fees because of the holidays and the weather and stuff, so I dropped off 4 things and my late fees are over with.

Happy Item Number 3: Blogging friends. I am not going to advertise this blog off my own blog or anything, so I just invited people to read it. I only was going to invite a select group of people I consider friends... There are a lot of them! It amazes me how many people I know as a result of blogging. If other people want to read the blog that's fine, of course, but it is not going to be my main blog.

Happy Item Number 4: Swiffer Vac. I hate advertising, but OMG, I love my Swiffer Vac! I HATE vacuuming, but since it is mostly hardwood I can just use the Swiffer and all my troubles are solved. I like it because it is quick and easy. It also is compact so it wasn't as hard to vacuum under the bed. So, yes, if you have hardwood floors and hate vacuuming, you should buy one!

Happy Item Number 5: Books in the mail and a trip to the library. I have lots of good books to enjoy. I am looking forward to crawling in the warm bed with Michael Chabon's Manhood for Amateurs and finish it up. It is a buddy read I am doing with Chris from Stuff as Dreams. I would have finished it last night, but I couldn't convince myself to get it out of my car no matter how much I wanted to read it!

Happy Item Number 6: HEAT! It is minus 16 outside and that is without the windchill. I. WANT. SPRING!

Happy Item Number 7: The fact that I can think of so many happy things. It wasn't an exciting day, but at least there were some good parts.


  1. I had to laugh at not wanting to get the book out of your car :p I do that ALL THE TIME!! To the point where I've started other books because I really wanted to read but didn't want to go out to my car :p I'm still only on like page 150 :( I'm sorry Kelly!!!! I keep starting more books!!! I'm up to 4 now! I just need to finish one!

    And oh yes! Coffee is always an amazing thing :D And so is the swiffer vac!! I love that damn thing, lol. Glad to see you doing a good stuff blog. I love it!

  2. Chris: That's okay! I didn't actually go get the book out of the car tonight either. It is minus 20 degrees Celsius WITHOUT counting the windchill. Even for Canada that is damn cold! I read a book that was in the warm house instead... I'll get back to the Chabon tomorrow (er, today). I am determined to brave the cold to read more of it. :)

  3. wow.. you have such a long list of good stuff... I can tell you have no problems being depressed! lol..
    ummm since you wouldn't go out to your cold car I am guess you could add that you are happy to have indoor plumming huh? heh!

  4. I did the same thing, wanting to invite only my good friends to my blog and was amazed how many people I had on the list. Blogging is such a wonderful thing. :)

  5. Ok, YAY! You consider me a friend! *happy dance* That makes ME happy since I filed this blog under my "friends" folder in my google reader and now I know it's mutual. hahah

  6. Pat: Oh, yes, indoor plumbing is a very good thing! Last night was colder than normal for this area. It was nuts!

    Amanda: It is a great thing. :) I have friends that I have known for years, and then people like you that I only 'met' recently. It is a nice selection.

    Cat: I am always glad when it is mutual, too! There were a few people I wasn't entirely sure about, but invited anyways. :)

  7. We only buy Fair Trade coffee, too...isn't it just awesome that doing the ethical thing tastes so darn good? :D

    Uh, and Kelly, I don't think anyone can fault you for not heading out to your car for the book with temps like that! In fact, I might have thought you crazy if you did.

  8. Debi: For sure! I feel really good about it every time. It made me feel bad that I had to return two bags recently because they tasted funny... Yeah, I am not crazy! lol The book is STILL in my car...