Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Purple Monkeys - Day 3 and 4

Our house and Lorrie's car.

Day 3:

  • Actually spent the day at my mother's. Her other cat, Abby, is still there with someone checking in on her. She is not used to having no one around, though, and she is lonely. 
  • Went to the second hand store. Found Season of Storms by Susanna Kearsley. My copy appears to have vanished in the move and it is the only book by her I haven't read before.
  • Found a few of the science-fiction books that appealed to me from Jo Walton's book and one of the Terry Pratchett's I need.
  • Spent the evening having a drink and reading The Fixer by T.E. Woods for a TLC Book Tour.
Day 4:
  • Finished The Fixer by T.E. Woods and reviewed it.
  • Tidied up my bookcases so there were not piles everywhere.
  • Worked on postcards because I have fallen behind a bit. Still need to get stamps.
  • Went out for a drink with Lorrie for an early Valentine's because we have storms headed this way, last nights was mostly rain, and because everything will be busy.

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